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Lung Cancer Causes And Effects - 1329 Words

The leading cause of cancer death for both men and women in the United States and worldwide is lung cancer. Lung cancer is responsible for thirty percent of cancer deaths in the United States. The deaths caused by breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer combined do not add up to the deaths that lung cancer causes. In 2007, 158,683 people, 88,243 men and 70,354 women died from lung cancer in the United States (Eldridge, 2012). Out of the 158,683 people that died from lung cancer in 2007, 135,000 of them died of lung cancer caused by smoking cigarettes. The overall survival rate of those with lung cancer is at about fifteen percent. Causes of Lung Cancer: Lung cancer can be caused by multiple factors and many factors can work together to cause someone to have lung cancer. Besides smoking, radon, secondhand smoke, the environment and someone’s occupation can all cause lung cancer. As we already know smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer cases worldwide and over forty-three million people just in the United States smoke cigarettes. There are more than fifty chemicals in tobacco smoke that are ingested each time someone smokes. Some of these chemicals include benzene (which can be found in pesticides and gasoline), Formaldehyde (which preserve dead bodies), pesticides (which are found on lawns and gardens) and Tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines (Martin, 2012). When a person inhales the chemicals in cigarettes, they inhale thousands of poisons, toxic metals, andShow MoreRelatedCause And Effect Of Lung Cancer1612 Words   |  7 Pagespercent. In addition, since emphysema is said to be one of the causes of lung cancer, it can be said that smoking is also related to lung cancer. As is well known, currently, there are no effective treatment for cancer. Smoking habit is the main cause of lung cancer. The probability of a smoker becoming lung cancer is said to be about ten times more than that of a non-smoker. Also, smoking hurts their own DNA, that is, the risk of lung cancer extends to offspring. There may be people who think smokingRead MoreCause And Effect Of Lung Cancer Essay1334 Words   |  6 Pages Lung cancer is one of the most lethal cancer known throughout the world. The most common suspect of that is smoking, then what happens to the people who inhales the smokers’ smoke? Are they also at risk for developing lung cancer from being a victim? The answer to that right now is that secondhand smoke alone is just a risk factor, there are no evidence right now that currently show that secondhand smoke alone can cause lung cancer by itself. This means that we need to encourage studies that areRead MoreCause And Effect Of Lung Cancer985 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction The second leading cause of death in the United States as of 1933 is cancer .During this period advancements took place in treatment of infectious diseases such as pneumonia and influenza. Cancer, in turn, took its place and is a chronic illness that has no known cure. There are many different types of cancer that affects different parts of the body but lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in the United States . Cancer of the lungs also known as pulmonary carcinoma is caused by aRead More lung cancer Essay1459 Words   |  6 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Lung cancer is the most common cancer-related cause of death among men and women. Lung cancer can be undetected for many years causing it to become more dangerous and possibly fatal. There is not cure for lung cancer or any cancer, but if detected in an early stage the lung cancer can be detected, treated, and hopefully terminated. There are many new and developing treatments being tested now that may save lives in the future. Through understanding what the lung cancer is, doctors canRead MoreEssay Smoking and Lung Cancer1540 Words   |  7 Pages Oscar Wilde had no idea that smoking caused lung cancer. Lung cancer is one of the most preventable diseases that exist, yet people continue to voluntarily put themselves at risk, and it still has tragic effects on the person and their family even though there are ways to treat it. The disease itself is categorized into two types, but both are eventually fatal. The cancer has several causes, but is mainly due to smoking. It has many numerous effects, both physical and emotional. However, there areRead MoreLung Cancer : What Causes It?1420 Words   |  6 PagesLung cancer is any type of cancer that begins in the lungs, although it is still considered lung cancer after it spreads to other parts of the body. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the U.S. and worldwide. Forty percent of people will be diagnosed with lung cancer within their life span. Lung cancer, as with all cancers, is very complex, so the best way to comprehend it is to break it down into easily analyzed topics. The first topic that must be analyzed is cancer as a whole-whatRead Morelung cancer927 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Lung Cancer By Brayan Almora and Hector Aparicio Pedroza Ms. Powell, 7th Language Arts Problem – Solution Paper May 15, 2014 Lung Cancer Causes and Treatments Lung cancer is defined as abnormal cell tissue that forms in tissues of the lungs. It is estimated that there are 224,210 new cases every year, while the estimated deaths are numbered at 159,260 per year . There are several options of treatment and are as follows: Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation TherapyRead MoreThe Leading Causes Of Lung Cancer1350 Words   |  6 PagesCenter September 2, 2014 The Leading Causes of Lung Cancer State Standard: 6.4.A Cancer is a disease that plagues millions of people annually (â€Å"Lung†). Lung cancer develops when healthy cells in the lungs are compromised by chemicals, pathogens, or radiation (Henderson). In the early twentieth century, before cigarette smoking and toxic man-made air pollutants became more commonplace, lung cancer was relatively rare (Henderson). It is now the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, resulting in anRead MoreThe Effects of Smoking on the Body Essay748 Words   |  3 PagesThe Effects of Smoking on the Body Almost one third of the World’s population are smokers for one reason or another, appearance, reduce stress etc. However, I, and many others, find it very difficult to believe smoking can aid anyone’s appearance as it encourages early ageing, and I do not believe that any of the risks that smoking has is worth any amount of stress relief that it can provide. Cigarette smoking can have serious health effects on the human body. Read MoreHow The Lungs Are Responsible For Both Ventilation And Respiration888 Words   |  4 Pages 2014 â€Æ' The lungs are responsible for both ventilation and respiration. Ventilation is the mechanical act of bringing breath into the body and expelling it. Respiration is the detailed work of lung tissue, using the air brought into the body, making it available to the body through the highly vascular lung parenchyma. Lung cancer impacts both of these functions. To understand the disease, it is important to understand the causes of lung cancer, the types of lung cancer, lung cancer disease â€Å"staging†

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Gender Inequality in Workforce - 904 Words

The roles and characteristics related to males and females vary according to time and culture (Keating 2003). A concept of male breadwinner model gave important impacts on the Australian economic, politics, culture and social field in early twentieth century (Broomhill and Sharp 2005). However, in the past few decades, there has been gradual changes occurred in the Australian gender order (ibid.). Even though men are the dominant gender in the workforce, due to globalization, women gained more opportunity to have jobs in the workforce (Jones 1983). In addition, there are increasing number of women in Australian workforce after World War 2 (Broomhill and Sharp 2005). But still gender inequality has been ongoing debate in the workforce for†¦show more content†¦Those jobs often provide less opportunity for training and career development (ibid.). Lastly, there is a sex-segregated workforce in Australia (Healy 2004). For example, men and women still tend have separate occupation s and to work in different areas of the workforce and industries (ibid.). In addition, historically, male dominated occupations and industries have been more greatly valued with men’s work rewarded more than women’s work (ibid.). Pocock and Alexander (1999) studied the impact of sex-segregation on the Australian wage gap. They draw the data from the Australian Workplace Industrial Relations Survey (AWIRS) in 1995 and it reports an overall gender wage gap of seventeen per cent (ibid.). Moreover, they argued that both human capital and sex-segregation variables could not explain the gap (ibid.). However, they could explain the gap using their regression model while the rest was linked with being in female dominated work (ibid.). They also argued that comparable worth policies, that revaluate the women’s job, could help to reduce the pay gap (ibid.). Glass Ceiling Glass ceiling means an invisible barrier that stops someone from achieving further success (Hiau 2005). Often, this term used to describe of women who cannot gain to the highest levels of power and success equal to men in the workplace (ibid.). Then, is glass ceiling exists in Australia? There are many evidence say that it actually still exists. Firstly, according the Government’s EqualShow MoreRelatedGender Inequalities Of Workforce And Gender Inequality1594 Words   |  7 PagesSociology 101 February 1 2017 Gender Inequalities in Workforce Over the years it has become evident that women face far more significant barriers in the workforce than men do. A clear representation of this barrier is established by the gender pay gap, which is the difference in monetary amount received between a woman s and a man s average weekly earnings. The economy, as a social institution, is affected by gender and sex inequality. The idea of inequality in the workplace is central to explainingRead MoreGender Inequality Between The Workforce And Its Correlation With Hofstede s Masculinity Dimension1269 Words   |  6 PagesGender Inequality in the Workforce and Its Correlation to Hofstede’s Masculinity Dimension Culture is a very powerful concept that influences all aspects of a society’s values. Every country holds different cultural views pertaining to each of these aspects and they include symbols, perspectives, and social interactions (Banks 35). As globalization integrates itself deeper into a culture, it begins to transform the norms of that culture. This is exactly what is, and has been happening in many differentRead MoreThe Work Of Maria Del Mar Alonso Almeida1390 Words   |  6 Pageswomen, in 2010, earned a staggering 19% lesser in wages across the world (Economist, 2011). Such wage differentials have been a cause of gender inequality and thereby segregation in the workforce across the globe. The staggering numbers of economic contributions of women compared to men has however, highlighted that there are fewer women to men ratios in the workforce due to the where we live, maternal implications (pregnancies), upbringing and education. This is seen in the caricature of women in theRead MoreGender Inequality And The Corporate World : How Do You Feel About Women Holding Higher Positions Within Corporations?1516 Words   |  7 PagesGender Inequality in the Corporate World How do you feel about women holding higher positions within corporations? In today’s society, there are several inequalities between women and men. These inequalities between women and men have been around since the beginning of time and will always be a factor. Gender inequality can be seen in many different ways across our society today. One major area that this inequality can be seen is in the workforce. There are many women who have jobs in today’sRead MoreGender Inequality And Gender Equality1685 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender.† According to united nations population fund â€Å"gender equality is a human right. Men and Women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. Gender equality is also a precondition for advancing development and reducing poverty: Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole familie s and communities, and they improve prospects for the next generation†Read MoreGender Inequality Within The Workplace Essay1209 Words   |  5 PagesGender Inequality in the Workplace The generation now has made it easier to equalize men and women but there is still a substantial amount of places where gender inequality is still happening in the workplace and where females still face discrimination. Women are often discriminated in the workplace and are usually not promoted as quickly as men are and they also receive less pay. History shows that women have not always been defined as property and thought of as second class citizens. But inRead MoreGender Inequality : An Ongoing Issue That Occurs Everywhere1420 Words   |  6 Pages Gender inequality is an ongoing issue that occurs everywhere. The Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science Medicine defines gender inequality as â€Å"Social process by which people are treated differently and disadvantageously, under similar circumstances, on the basis of gender† (Kent). This inequality is deeply related to the social view of the gender and inherent biological factors. According to Jay Mcsherry in his paper The Gender Divide, he claims that gender inequality can be seen from differencesRead MoreThe Marxist Feminism Theory And The Social System1176 Words   |  5 PagesHealth is a social construct system and health inequality is the result from social dysfunction. Health determinants are the combined factors that influence an individual or the community’s’ health such as the social environment, economic environment and the individual characteristics and behaviours (Germov, 2014). Firstly, the Marxist feminism will be discussed. This theory believes social structure shapes the group’s behaviours and perspectives. People who have a higher socioeconomic status haveRead MoreWomen Workers In Society Have Been And Still Are Deemed1636 Words   |  7 Pagesthe workforce. This idea is reinforced as women in the workforce are not given the same opportunities to advance in their careers as men or experience the ‘glass ceiling’ effect, women are forced into education or domestic responsibility and are seen to pursue in feminized or feminine sectors of the workforce (Cool, J, 2010). Thus saying, I argue this thinking is validated thorough the practices of gender inequality, most importantly thorough the existence of the gender wage gap. The gender wageRead MoreGender Inequality : A Critical Issue That Affects Women s Rights1662 Words   |  7 PagesGender Inequality Research Paper Gender inequality is a critical issue that affects more women than their male counterparts all around the world. Gender inequality is a form of legal discrimination towards women’s rights. In order to progress and grow as a community and society, gender equality needs to be acknowledged. According to LISTVERSE, the top ten â€Å"extreme† examples of gender inequality towards women that exists around the world today, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa, are

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Automotive Safety Essay Free Essays

Driving has become a part of everyday life. From kids to adults everyone has come to depend on a motorized vehicles. With such a rapid increase of new drivers in the 21 century accident’s and fatalities have been also on the rise with the tendencies of young teens being in the mist of it all. We will write a custom essay sample on Automotive Safety Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Many of these problems have not been nothing new but with such high mortality rate this has caused awareness in a old but newly transformed problem. In last few years to prevent these problems from continuing to incline some states have put restrictions on newly licensed drivers making it more difficult for young teen to obtain a license but study has shown that in these restrictions have actually back fired as quoted from Dr.Masten â€Å"In fact, 75 percent of the fatal crashes we thought we were saving actually just occurred two years later. It’s shocking†. The matter of the fact is that restrictions on newly road drivers have no worked at all it has just delay the inevitable. Restrictions on young drivers seem to work but when looking at the bigger picture it has failed. Teens alone are not just the problem along with technology and to drugs etc. all of these things being a big contributor to teen accidents not only have these things raised the possibility of fatalities but our awareness, on how dangerous these things can be when driving. Knowing just how much it can increase the chances of an accident. How can we prevent these things from happening well experts say that these restrictions do work but ounce these restriction have expired people go back to driving more and more recklessly because teens start to feel over confident with their ability to avoid these back fires I think we should create a system where newly licensed drivers have to report back the dmv every six months and take a safety test to assure that they know the risks and consequences of risky driving. Aside from having precautions with teen drivers I think every one should have to renew their licensee every 2 years instead of an extensive 5 years. Having and adding more restrictions to everyone not just teens is best because what has been shown through various study’s is that most people don’t learn because many people try to avoid these extra regulations and thus missing these vital and important skills. So to avoid people going through loop holes we should as country tighten up on restrictions. How to cite Automotive Safety Essay, Essays

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Understanding Language and Literacy Cultural and Cognitive Nature

Question: Discuss about theUnderstanding Language and Literacyfor Cultural and Cognitive Nature. Answer: Introduction In the developmental science, the nature and the nurture are continuous phenomena that have come up from the theoretical perspectives. The effect of togetherness of nature and nurture is important in the life of child when the growth of the brain is at peak. The predisposition of a child to learn is influenced and stimulated by the physical, emotional, social, cultural and cognitive nature that is necessary in the learning and development process. It can be stated that the child can be properly moulded in a positive way after the birth by effective interaction using the emotional, social, physical and cognitive interactions. Thus, it can be stated that the nature and the nurture both plays an significant function in the growth of the child. Discussion In the opinion of Hoff, (2013), the nature cannot be separated from nurture and both nature as well as nurture supports the human potential and growth. The nature and the nature are also responsible for the risk of dysfunction and problematic behaviour in the human being. Almost every child is successful in the learning and development process of language. Learning of the language includes the use of receptive and productive language. The use of receptive language takes place when comprehension of words and sentences. There are four basic components in the structure of language such as phonology, semantics, grammar and pragmatics. Phonology: The human, especially the child use of the system of sound to construct words and sentences. Every language has a set of different segments or phonemes. The children are able to recognise these differences and construct the verbal communication segment that is the uniqueness of the languages (Hoff et al., 2012). Semantics: This component includes the system of meanings that can be articulated by words and sentences. The communication becomes meaningful between the people, when the words are shared among the individuals in a proper clear manner. Grammar: The grammar indicates the system of rules through which the words and the phrases are arranged in order so that a consequential sentence is obtained. It is important for the children to learn the ways of ordering of words along with the proper use of grammatical functions (Owens Jr, 2015). The appropriate use of subject and direct subject helps the child in language development. Pragmatics: The different system of pattern describes how the individual, especially a child can use languages in a particular social setting in order to carry out a conversation. Children become aware of that the conversation generally begins with some kind of greeting and includes the need of turn taking and sharing of one concerned topic (Harris, 2013). Children are thus able to learn to adjust the content of the communication in order to match with the interest, knowledge and language ability of the listener. The idea related to the acquisition of language is an inborn ability that is termed as nativism. Individuals who supports this view, believes that the human brain is prewired for the attainment of language. The second position relates to the nature and nurture in the process of acquisition of language, which is described by the principle that language is a result of large brains of human beings with the aptitude to learn several things. This is termed as empiricism. There are various roles that are played by nature and nurture in supporting the development of the components of language. Parents and caregivers require remembering that language in the great preponderance of people develops very competently (Coll, Bearer Lerner, 2014). Most of the children physically grow such things that are insignificant segment of the total range of the language of children. The natural language development of the children can be sustained with the help of teachers. The language of every child should be understood. It helps to reflect the identity, values as well as experience of the community of the child. Peer learning is an imperative part of language development mostly in mixed-age groups (Budge, Beale Lynas, 2013). The language growth of young children is hastened by their disclosure to positive verbal inputs from adults. Each area of the curriculum should be enhanced with the help of language so that the classrooms full of active learners are barely ever silent. Due to the role that is played by nurture and nature, children are exposed to the performance of language however; they are not exposed to language competence. Children that obtain language from habit development seem to remember certain structures in advance (McMurray, 2016). The constructivist approach highlights the unbiased communication of nature and nurture to lay the base for developmental change. The acquisition of language theories have mostly centered around nurture and nature distinction as well as on empiricism and nativism. However, the disagreement over the comparative significance of nature and nurture in the development of children has endured for several centuries and this will be casusing the conflict among the theorists even in the future. According to most of the developmental scientists, nature and nurture are inextricably connected and interact in complicated ways to shape human growth. Environmentalist theories of language achievement holds that nurture of children are of more significance to enhancement as compared to its nature (Farrant, Maybery Fletcher, 2014). Conclusion The methods used to study the language development are uncomplicated. The primary method involves recording and transcription of what the child says. Using these methods can be useful in linking up the verbal communication of the child with the use of gesture and interest. Since language is one of the alternative cognitive skills, children are able to compensate for the deficits in one area by focusing their skills on the other area. Thus, a proper match between the nature and the nurture of the language is useful in developing the child and increases the positive pathways in life. References Budge, K., Beale, C., Lynas, E. (2013). A chaotic intervention: Creativity and peer learning in design education.International Journal of Art Design Education,32(2), 146-156. Coll, C. G., Bearer, E. L., Lerner, R. M. (Eds.). (2014).Nature and nurture: The complex interplay of genetic and environmental influences on human behavior and development. Psychology Press. Farrant, B. M., Maybery, M. T., Fletcher, J. (2014). Parenting, Language, and Perspective Taking: Advantages of Constructivist Approaches.Cognitive Development: Theories, Stages Processes and Challenges, Nova Science Publishers: Hauppauge, NY, 97-143. Harris, M. (2013).Language experience and early language development: From input to uptake. Psychology Press. Hoff, E. (2013).Language development. Cengage Learning. Hoff, E., Core, C., Place, S., Rumiche, R., Seor, M., Parra, M. (2012). Dual language exposure and early bilingual development.Journal of child language,39(01), 1-27. McMurray, B. (2016). Nature, nurture or interacting developmental systems? Endophenotypes for learning systems bridge genes, language and development.Language, Cognition and Neuroscience,31(9), 1093-1097. Owens Jr, R. E. (2015).Language development: An introduction. Pearson.

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Forks over knives free essay sample

Forks Over Knives Watching this film really made me look at what I am feeding myself and my children. It is so hard to know who Is right when It comes to what we eat. It seems like every few years whats best for us changes, and this Is what has always made me so skeptical. But after watching the movie, Forks Over Knives, my outlook has changed. You cannot hide from the facts and wealth this study and film there Is Just o many facts that prove that what and how we eat really Is the key to living a healthy life. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes have all been linked to the foods that we eat. As stated In the movie, Two out of three of us are overweight, Cases of diabetes are exploding, especially amongst our younger population, About half of us are taking at least one prescription drug, and Major operations have become routine. We will write a custom essay sample on Forks over knives or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These are all statements made by various subjects in the film that really Todd out to me. We have heard for years that obesity leads to various illnesses, many of which are deadly. Did that slow down the way many people eat? No in fact the opposite has taken place, fast food restaurants, eating foods that can be cooked much more conveniently and eating on the run has taken new heights. This all adds up to Americans being way too busy to cook food that is good for them and instead are just doing what I am going to call, Grab and go. I say this because in todays day ND age it is all about convenience, but what this movie did was remind me that life is really too short. I want to be around to see my grandchildren and I definitely know for sure that I do not want to die of something as evil as cancer. Knowing that with something as simple as taking a step back and Just getting back to the basics; cooking meals that are healthier will greatly reduce my risks of acquiring cancer or diabetes. This film took it all a step further by also showing that you cant Just change the how you eat but also what you eat. I never really thought too hard about meat or animal foods being bad as long as they were not fatty. This is not true at all, actually eating any animal products has been proven to accelerate/turn ON cancers. This was a fact that caught my attention because at the young age of thirty l, myself was diagnosed with cancer. I have now been In remission for fourteen months and never want to go through that again. Forks over knives By Mandalay Nutrition children. It is so hard to know who is right when it comes to what we eat. It seems like every few years whats best for us changes, and this is what has always made changed. You cannot hide from the facts and within this study and film there is Just too many facts that prove that what and how we eat really is the key to living a we eat. As stated in the movie, Two out of three of us are overweight, Cases of are Just doing what I am going to call, Grab and go. I say this because in todays day diagnosed with cancer. I have now been in remission for fourteen months and never

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Essay Sample on Women’s Soccer

Essay Sample on Women’s Soccer Gabrielle Smart is entering her second season at the head of the Utah Valley State College womens soccer program. Smart took on the program in its first year of sanctioned intercollegiate play last fall. She is a B-license United States Soccer Federation coach, and has  measurable coaching and playing experience. Smart is a former BYU soccer player. She graduated from LaSerna High School in Whittier, California, in 1994. She was All-State on a Whittier team that finished second in the state her senior year and went to state every year she played. She also went to state on the Whittier swim team in the 50 meter free style event. Smart played for BYU in 1994 under coach Jennifer Rockwood while the team was in a club status, and in 1995 when the program went intercollegiate. She graduated from BYU in 1999 with a bachelors degree in recreation management. Before coaching at UVSC, Smart was the head coach at Orem High, and directed her team to a second place finish in the region. Previous to that she spent two years in a co-coaching assignment at Springville High with Mikelle Roth. The Red Devils went to state both years. Smart is also a head coach in the Celtic Storm soccer club program. Her team is considered to be one of the best in the state, and finished first in the U-17 league. In addition to her soccer interests, Smart is training to be a triathlete and hopes to compete in meets this summer. Triathlete competitions include a combination of running, swimming, and biking. Smart lists Wenatchee, Washington, as her home town. She lived there until she was in the eighth grade, then moved to Whittier. I have been hoping UVSC would get an intercollegiate soccer program, said Smart. And I am so excited to be able to be a part of it. There is so much soccer talent in this area. I have no question that we will be able to be very competitive and build a great program. We are extremely excited, said UVSC Director of Athletics Mike Jacobsen, to finally be able to advance our soccer program from club status to an intercollegiate program. Womens soccer is very big, both locally and on the national scene. Gabrielle has excellent credentials and coaching experience and will do a great job taking Wolverine soccer to the next level. You can order a custom essay, term paper, research paper, thesis or dissertation on Soccer topics at our professional custom essay writing service which provides students with custom papers written by highly qualified academic writers. High quality and no plagiarism guarantee! Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost.

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Key Strategic Alliances in Middle East Assignment

Key Strategic Alliances in Middle East - Assignment Example We should study about the Middle East because we can learn from the trials and tribulations suffered over the last few thousand years. In addition to this, the Middle East is at the center of three continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa. This makes not only the land valuable, but also the trade routes that go through this region. This perhaps explains why there have been so many wars in the region and why there is still conflict there today. Middle Eastern culture has also greatly influenced the way that westerners think, such as through mathematics. The origin of western numbers is Arabic, and many mathematical concepts first originated in the Middle East. Looking towards the future, the situation in the Middle East is changing as local economies experience growth and the people want to have more of a say in the political process. Learning from these experiences can only help understand the western form of democracy.